About Me

All about Me...
Hi Cat Lovers and welcome to the All about Me page!
I'm Cathy, I'm 49 & I've been a self confessed crazy cat lady my entire life.
I was put into medical retirement in 2011 & soon after was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, myalgic encephalomyelitis, inflammatory colitis, chronic headaches and a bunch of other boring issues that are too numerous to mention - but it also includes mental health issues - severe anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. 
I'm a BIG advocate for normalising mental health issues & asking for help.
My First Fosters... 

One of the first things I did when I was put into medical retirement was to look into what volunteer work I could do from home and that was how I found 9 Lives Cat Rescue. My very first fosters were 3 little kittens and it scared me silly with how fragile and precious they were, I was so worried I was going to do something wrong I ended up swapping the kittens for an adult cat - something i was more used to. 
And the rest is history. 
Over the years we have had over 200 cats and dogs come through our doors for foster care and be adopted. 
First Cat Beds...
I created Cathy's Cat Pods back in 2014!
Originally it gave me something to do while being stuck in bed so much. The first beds I ever made were all by hand and I don't mind saying, were pretty terrible! But our cats loved them. Gradually as I got better and was able to physically move more I got myself a sewing machine and re-taught myself how to sew. Before this, the last time i touched a sewing machine was in year 10 of high school and i have a very vivid memory of some how sewing my jumper sleeve i was wearing to the pillow case I was attempting to make. 
Needless to say, I didn't get high marks for that section of Home Ec at school!
I made pet beds for a few years, but the way I made them put my wrists at an odd angle and it ended up causing issues in my wrists (which has now developed into arthritis) so I had to stop making those and come up with something new. 
And that is how Cat Pods were born. 
Hubby bought home a compacted cardboard ring from work. He saw there was a skip bin full of them and found out that they just ended up crushed in landfill. 
It took me ages to come up with a design. I remember laying awake at night trying to visualize how to make it in my head and then one night, BINGO, it came to me. It did take a long time, possibly years, for me to be happy with how they're made and their finish. But now, they're something that I'm very proud of.